Tips To Make Coins Using FUT Millionaire

Some Tips To Make Coins Using FUT Millionaire

Set Up FUT Millionaire & Let It Do It All For You

The main reason as to why FUT Millionaire is so good is that it can do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is select which players you want it to trade for you, if you want the ultimate team autobidder to go after in forms you can tell it to.  If you’re not sure what to do then the awesome guys at Futmillionaire send out frequent lists on who are the best players to trade with at any time. They told me to trade with Sule and I’ve made 70,000 ultimate team coins trading with him this week!

Trade Special & Limited Edition In Form Cards

In form ultimate team cards and limited edition cards (team of the year/champions league/halloween cards) are rare and as such their value can vary frequently. As the game gets older the cards increase in rarity and that creates an opportunity for you to make a lot of ultimate team coins!

You can buy in forms at the end of the week they are released and then hold on to them for a while or you can let your FIFA Autobidder / FIFA Autobuyer pick up the cards for you, then you can flip them for a profit!

Invest In Ones To Watch

A fantastic card type in Fifa Ultimate Team is the ones to watch. These are cards that will get permanent stat boosts if the player gets in form cards. Picking up a number of these while they are cheap can be a sure fire way to making loads of ultimate team coins.

Trade Players On Fifa That You Know

You’ll make a lot more ultimate team coins if you trade with players you are comfortable with. Getting to know the rough price of players will help you to be more comfortable at setting and forgetting the ultimate team autobidder. You want to make sure that you are trading ultimate team players that their price is high enough that there’s variances in it but not so high that it can take ages to pick them up for cheap and even longer to sell them!

Make Fifa Coins Quicker

Once you”e gotten comfortable with your FIFA Autobidder you might want to make even more coins with it, perhaps you want the best players quicker or you want to make FUT coins to sell for real money. If that’s the case then picking up more licences is the quickest way for you to make FUT coins.

FUT Millionaire Trading Strategies

There’s actually an almost infinite amount of ways that you can use the FUT Autobidder to make you coins. When you sign up for FUT Millionaire you get instant access to a number of video guides that will get you started and make it so easy to be successful.

What are you waiting for?

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