What is Futmillionaire

What is Futmillionaire

FUTMillionaire is a piece of software that allows you to trade FIFA Ultimate Team players with the goal to buy low and sell high and therefor the user keeps the profit.


Futmillionaire contains three methods of profiting by using the transfer market in FIFA Ultimate Team; A Fifa autobidder that picks up players as cheap as possible, and a Fifa Autobuyer which looks to snipe players with low Buy It Now values and finally as a new addition there’s an AI Robot that identifies opportunities for the trading software to pick up players at a low value.

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Futmillionaire is approximately £20 per month but can make you coins upwards of 80,000 per day (which is my experience) and you can sell 100k coins on PS4 at the moment for £12.

If you’re not using the AI robot you must instruct the software with what players to try and buy low and sell high, the best way to do this is to identify players that are in demand but there are lots of, focusing on gold players that have 80+ speed in key leagues should serve you well. I essentially look for players that buy and sell for between 5k and 15k this way you know that when you make a sale you should pocket a decent amount of profit. With Futmillionaire the focus should be on making lots of trades rather than trying to swing big on a few.

The latest addition of the FutMillionaire AI Robot allows you to pay an additional £10 per month and the bot will pick the players based on the opportunity to make a profit on them.

FUTMillionaire can run on both windows and Mac, so I’ve used one account at night on my windows PC while I sleep and then while I’m at work I run the mac version of the program on a second account. You must have your computer running in order for the software to work.

One of the best things about FUTMillionaire is that you’re not locked into a contract, you pay for the software one month at a time so there is absolutely zero risk from trying it. Worst case scenario you bot for a month if you do terribly you’ll maybe make 600k coins which you can use to pay for the software and buy a couple of players with!