FUT Trading Bot / AI Robot

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FUT Trading Bot / AI Robot

IF you’re looking for a Ultimate Team Trading Bot it’s because you want to play with the best players in FIfa ultimate team but you don’t have the time to play a shed load of games and you’re too smart to invest £1,000s into buying packs and hoping to pack a good player that sells for a lot of money.

I used to buy lots of packs so I can speak from experience, you’ll get a lot more coins, more consistently and spend a lot less so it’s pretty much a no brainer. There are a number of Fifa trading bots but the best one I have found by far is “FUTMillionaire” which has a number of game modes and you can learn more about FUTMillionaire here: What is Futmillionaire.

A rough example of the cost benefit of FUTMillionaire:

£20 per month conservatively can get you 50k coins per day, I’m making 80k and FUTMillionaire braggs that you can make over 100k per day.

50k x 28 days = 1,400,000 coins, Yes, that’s 1.4 MILLION coins per month.

If you were to then sell those coins rather than play with them then you can make £168 per month at current prices.

So it’s up to you, you can either use the FIFA trading bot to get you to the best players in the game or you can bot and earn some extra money on the side, on that you can actually run multiple accounts (although you’d have to pay for each one, you could effectively run 10 bots per month for £200 but earn £1,600 per month selling coins.

Lots of people use FUTMillionaire trading bot and the additional AI Robot module including myself, I’ve been using FUTMillionaire for four years, if you want to check out my review then click here: Futmillionaire Review.

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