FUT Web App Ban / FUTMillionaire Ban

fut ban

FUT Web App Ban / FUTMillionaire Ban If you’re reckless with FUTMillionaire then there is a very good chance that you could be banned for breaking the rules, this can happen but only if you’re not careful. This is why we advise never to do it on your main account. If you do get banned because you’ve used a bot to cheat the transfer market system (and stop EA making money) then it’s important to note that you wont be banned from FIFA 20, you will only be banned from…

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FUT Trading Bot / AI Robot

fifa trading bot

FUT Trading Bot / AI Robot IF you’re looking for a Ultimate Team Trading Bot it’s because you want to play with the best players in FIfa ultimate team but you don’t have the time to play a shed load of games and you’re too smart to invest £1,000s into buying packs and hoping to pack a good player that sells for a lot of money. I used to buy lots of packs so I can speak from experience, you’ll get a lot more coins, more consistently and spend a…

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