How To Sell Ultimate Team Coins For Money!

How To Sell Fifa Ultimate Team Coins For Money

How Much You can Make

Usually 1 Million FUT coins can be sold between £100-£300 $150-400 (depending of the time of the year) , which means that selling 1 Million every week can make you over £1000-$1500 each month.

Many people have posted on the forums to proudly say how they’ve had success and made REAL MONEY selling coins they’ve made with the FUTMillionaire Method and FUTMillionaire Autobuyer.

You can make as much money as you want, you have to trade smart but its doable. I just use it to cover the cost of the software each month but I know people who have multiple accounts and they are using it to fund part of their lifestyle!

How To Sell Them

If you’re thinking about selling the ultimate team coins you made this year, you should know the options you have for doing so:

1 – Sell them on Ebay. – Most people sell their coins on Ebay. It’s very easy to start an account and start an auction. The Ebay seller reputation can be a problem if you’ve never sold anything on Ebay before, but sell a few items before hand to build up that reputation. There can be difficulties with this but I’ve got a tip below on how to do it!

2 – Contacting a Coin Selling site. – a simple google search will help you to find ultimate team coin  sellers, you can contact these to sell your coins to them, dont forget they are middlemen though so you will make less.

The right approach would be to contact them and ask them to make a cash offer on your coins. I would suggest that you use instead of Paypal  to receive your payment (if it’s substantial), as it’s the safest way to do business transactions over the Internet.

3 – Search for buyers in Forums – contacting buyers directly on a Forum, or placing the auction on your signature (like: Selling XXX coins on XBOX, PM me) will probably be the best way to get the most money, since the final buyers will definitely pay more than Ebay buyers as there’s fees and Coin Selling sites who are resellers.

4 – Sell them to your friends – chances are you’ll be playing ultimate team with your friends, you could be their best friend and tell them all about the autobidder but for whatever reason they might not have the money to do so! You could always be that nice guy that sells them coins to help them out.

How Much Are Your Coins Worth Now?

The easiest way to find out how much your ultimate team coins are worth is to check out coin selling sites and how much they are selling for. You can offer your coins to buyers slightly below that price so they are motivated to buy from you, instead than from the site.

You should also search Ebay Auctions for the price although in Ebay the price is usually lower.

The longer the game has been released for then the less value ultimate team coins will have.


If you have time, remember to sell your coins in smaller bunches so you can charge more.

So don’t just list your 3 Million coins on Ebay or so, as you’ll probably have to make a big discount if someone buys so many coins from you, there will also be a higher fee on the sale and an increased chance of it being discovered. It’s also nice to get more frequent income off your coins!

How To List Ultimate Team Coins On EBAY/COIN SELLING

One question that popped up a lot this week had to do with that since a few of you listed their coins on Ebay, but the fact is that Ebay doesnt allow the sale of digital items, so they had their listing removed after a couple of hours.

So what people do to get around this usually is offering some random worthless item like a paper clip with the bonus of XXXXX coins. So even though the Auction would be for the Coins, officially, it’s for the paper clip, so Ebay can’t touch your listing.

So remember you can auction a paper clip, and offer a bonus of XXXX coins, take a screenshot of your coin balance and price it accordingly.

Also if you want to sell your coins on Ebay, please make sure you do business with someone who has some good buying history because there are a lot of scammers out there and you have to protect yourself.

As long as you keep some coins back that you can trade with then you can make all your coins back and sell them again!

So what are you waiting for? If you sell your coins not only does it pay for your software each month but you can actually make money and have it fund other parts of your lifestyle too.

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