How To Earn Ultimate Team Coins in Fifa 20

How To Earn Ultimate Team Coins

If there’s one thing with Fifa Ultimate Team it’s that you need coins to build the best team. Read on if you want to know how to make them.

Keep Playing Ultimate Team

If you are really looking to earn FIFA ultimate team coins, then you need to keep playing the game as much as you can. Try to play more offline and online games, participate in tournaments and fulfil your objectives. If you are not looking to buy coins using cash, then this is the only way to make FUT coins.

Complete Objectives in FUT

There are weekly and daily objectives that change frequently, keep an eye on them as they are an easy opportunity to pick up a load of coins for minimal effort!

Try Different Game Modes in FUT

There’s lots of different game modes and each have different benefits, you can use the squad builder challenges that will unlock the best players for you, some of them you will be able to trade and make more money.

Use the EA Store when it’s more profitable

Many average players just buy gold packs whenever they have some extra cash to bulk up their team, this isn’t the best approach. The best thing to do is to save your money until there are offers on packs, which happen more frequently than you think. Whenever there is a public holiday there will be offers on so save up, wait and then invest!

Choose your players carefully

Don’t pick players if they are having a bad run of form and definitely don’t pick players in underperforming teams; no-one wants to play with a loser, plus the more obscure players wont fit into the best teams so always think before buying a specific player at auction.

The January transfer window is a good opportunity to pick up some players who’s value might go up. If there is a really good premier league player who moves to another league people wont be able to pull him in packs, therefor he will become more rare. It could be a great time to pick up some bargains that you can then sell later!!


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