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FUTMillionaire 20 / FUTCoin FAQs

How To Get Ultimate Team Coins in Fifa 20

There are a number of ways to make ultimate team coins

Play The Game

Every time you complete a game of FIFA you are rewarded with a number of Ultimate Team Coins that will be related to how well you played. If you kept a clean sheet you’ll be rewarded with extra coins. Other factors like not getting carded and generally playing well will earn ultimate team coins.

Ultimate Team Trading

A lot of players make a lot of FUT coins by trading cards at auction. This can be a double edged sword. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make ultimate team coins on players or cards you are familiar with. The beauty of this is that if you know the price of specific cards (players, kits, positions etc) then you can use your knowledge to purchase players low and then sell them high. Be careful when you do this as it can be quite risky if you don’t know what you are doing or if the players you are trading with fluctuate in value a lot. 

As a side note lots of players do well trading in form player cards but be careful because if they get another (improved) in form card then that will devalue the cards you are trading with which can be costly for you.

Complete Objectives

There are a number of objectives that can be completed in Fifa Ultimate Team. There are the starter objectives that help you learn the game and give you a bit of a bonus but there are also ultimate team daily and weekly objectives that will be based on playing and trading players.

Complete Squad Builder Challenges

Squad builder challenges are a really fun part of fifa ultimate team. The game starts with a number of challenges that range in difficulty. These challenges come with a number of rewards that range from coins, to un-tradeable players (that you can use to make your ultimate team squad better) to tradable players that you can use either in your squad or you can trade them and get the coins!

EA Catalogue

There are a number of items that you can unlock, as long as you have been playing FIFA for some time then you will have amassed fifa points which you can use to unlock different things like; rare celebrations, rare kits and more importantly ultimate team coin boosts!

Squad Battles

Squad Battles can earn you a load of FIFA Coins and quickly. All you have to do is play matches against difficult opponents. You can choose the difficulty and the harder you make it the greater the multiplier on any points you earn each match, points that are totalled and transferred into a reward at the end of each week. 

One final tip

Don’t just spend all your time in the game, there’s lots of online resources. If you’re not sure about your next move, how to make coins in FIFA or anything else then a google search is your next move!

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